Exploring North America

travel North America

As I swung back and forth on the old wooden porch swing, I daydreamed of leaving home and traveling the world. Europe was my main destination. My grandpa sat next to me as I rattled on about seeing Rome. Quietly taking it all in, he finally looked at me and said “Be careful not to go looking for something that can be found in your own backyard.” Although I didn’t quite pick up on his meaning at that young age, I now understand what he was trying to say.

North America holds exquisite beauty. Once you’re on that open road, you can experience anything from old Navajo dwellings to mountain passes teeming with wildlife. Being aware of what is around you, can open you up for all kinds of new adventures.

If you’ve ever been to Montana, you know what beauty is. Taking a trip through the border into Waterton, Canada will leave you wanting to spend every summer exploring each nook and cranny that area has to offer. Equally compelling is Northern California. Imagine feeling like you’re in the pages of a story book surrounded by giant Redwood trees. Northern California is famous for her outdoor rustic good looks. If hiking is a hobby, you’ll not find many better spots.

When hearing the title, Anne of Green Gables, you can’t help think of Prince Edward Island, Canada. This charming book turned heart-warming movie has captivated generations of audiences. The sprawling hills show nature at her finest. If it’s pure nature you are after, make Alaska your destination. Frosty mountain tops and abundant wildlife make Alaska all out irresistible. Try taking up residence in a warm cozy lodge for the week while you deep-sea fish or go bear watching.

No matter what climate you are after, North America can give it to you. The sandy beaches of Florida put you right in a Caribbean feeling experience, while the mountain peaks of Utah will have you strapping on the snowboard the second you arrive. Don’t waste time dreaming about distant lands, when adventure is right out the back door. Pack your bags, download a free Travel Assistant …such as WorldMate (I use it religiously!), and start seeing the neighborhood.

travel North America