South Africa: Where dreams meet reality

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South Africa has various misleading titles such as the “Land of the Wild” and a land bogged down by the quagmires of the past. South Africa travel is often thought of as a journey to the forests. In reality, South Africa offers so much more than just wildlife.South Africa travel gives tourists the opportunity to experience the invigorating climate of Africa alongside sights and sounds unique to South Africa.

Cape Town and Cape Peninsula feature on most South Africa travel packages. Well-known for the scenic beaches and breath-taking views, Cape Town lives up to the hype it is surrounded by. Wild nightlife rivals parties in clubs across the world and beaches that celebrities relax in are all a part of the incredible landscape of Cape Town.

The Table Mountains are a part of south africa travel packages and are worth seeing. The Garden Route takes tourists to one of the most scenic routes, popularly known as South Africa’s Eden. Natural beauty beckons the adventurous with treks and trails that will reward with breath-taking views.

For the less adventurous, travel in South Africa has numerous shopping, wine and dine and recreational options. The invigorating climate coupled with the rejuvenating views and nature are bound to recharge batteries to full power. South Africa’s award winning wines may be sampled through South Africa travel. Award winning wines, cuisines worthy of the wines, green valleys and towns steeped in history are all a part of travel in South Africa.

Dubbed the “City of Gold”, Johannesburg is truly a city like no other. The city has something to appease every tourist. Seemingly endless options for dinning, shopping and entertaining nightlife make Johannesburg a city where days pass like hours. For those interested in history, the freedom tours in the city offer a glimpse into apartheid and the struggles for freedom from oppression and racial discrimination.

As enumerated above South Africa is a vast land with something valuable for everybody. Travel agencies across the world offer South Africa travel packages. The travel packages can often be customized to suit individual tastes and preferences, to create a vacation that is truly unforgettable. Travel in South Africa will become a balm to the soul as it is believed to be the cradle of humanity, the birthplace of the human race. A vacation in South Africa might just be a reconciliation of the present with the long lost history of our ancestors. South Africa is truly one of the few places on planet Earth that inevitably feature on bucket lists of individuals across the world.

travel Africa
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